New Report Explores Thriving World of Crypto Betting

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Crypto gaming has been rapidly expanding and can revolutionize the entertainment sector, according to the most recent ICODA report. Investors, operators, and players are showing a lot of interest in the industry, which is being driven by technical improvements and changing legal frameworks.

As a result of these developments, the crypto gaming industry is shaping up to be one to keep an eye on in the years to come. Here, innovation and adaptation are taking place at a breakneck speed, which speaks well for the future of crypto gaming as a dominant force in the entertainment industry throughout the world.

The details from ICODA’s study reveal even more.

A Whole Array of Market Dynamics

To begin with, the industry saw extraordinary growth, taking the market worth to $70 billion by 2024, up from $37 billion before the epidemic. Based on current predictions, the market might reach $150 billion by 2030, continuing its increasing path. In light of this tremendous growth, the iGaming industry is demonstrating its durability, and mainstream audiences are becoming more accepting of it.

Interestingly enough, there was a 50% growth from 2022 to 2023, with the number of active crypto gamblers reaching 15 million by the end of the year. Increased anonymity and security, made possible by blockchain technology, together with the accessibility of internet platforms, are among the driving forces behind this boom.

As of now, 65% of all cryptocurrency transactions take place on mobile platforms, making them the nerve center of the industry. It further backs up how the crypto gaming sector is very active, with a staggering $2 trillion in transactions reported in 2023.

Boosts From Regulatory Developments

The United States and Canada have become major players in the bitcoin gambling industry, with a 60% increase in activity as a result of new legislation and broad use of cryptocurrencies. Europe is not far behind, however, expanding at a pace of 55% thanks to digital advancements and supportive government policies. Potential growth opportunities in other markets have been underscored by these regions, which are in many ways establishing the pace for the global crypto betting sector. But it goes beyond that.

Progressive regulatory improvements have had a favorable influence on the expansion of the industry, according to the report. Countries like Gibraltar and Malta have put progressive regulatory frameworks in place, making their markets safer and more open to participants and operators alike. Investors are feeling more comfortable putting money into the industry because of the increased transparency and supervision. Consequently, businesses benefit from operational predictability and players enjoy the benefits of a well-regulated market.

Rivalry Expands into Crypto Gambling with Rivalry Token Announcement

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Rivalry, a leading operator in the iGaming and sports betting sectors, recently announced the upcoming debut of Rivalry Token, its native blockchain cryptocurrency. The Toronto-based business believes that this unique initiative would provide “increased functionality, economics, and user experiences across the company’s product suite.”

Launch Details

When it launches in the second half of 2024, the Rivalry Token will be fully integrated with all of Rivalry’s products, including its sportsbook, casino, and more. The end-to-end customer experience will be enhanced by the token’s built-in features.

Some of the ways users may earn tokens on the platform include betting and friend referrals. Players may use these tokens to do a lot of cool stuff on Rivalry, including increasing their chances of winning and entering jackpots. Furthermore, Rivalry Token will be available for trade on cryptocurrency exchanges as $RVLRY.

The news came with the official launch of Rivalry’s pre-farming campaign, where users may start earning an interim currency via site engagement and social media. This money will then be turned into Rivalry Token at the token generation event in H2 2024. Furthermore, all Rivalry accounts will be rewarded with tokens according to their past activity, giving players who missed out a chance to reactivate and rewarding returning customers.

“Rivalry is well-positioned to access the growth opportunity in crypto with a proven product set, a brand entrenched in internet culture, and a captive audience of digitally native users that are driving this economic renaissance.”

Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO, Rivalry

With the exception of Ontario and Australia, all of Rivalry’s active markets will have access to Rivalry Token after its official launch. Over the next few months, the firm will disclose further details on Rivalry Token, such as its business partners, token economics, and more.

Further Expansion Plans

Users will soon be able to wager using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other prominent cryptocurrencies thanks to Rivalry’s plans to expand its platform’s support for additional cryptocurrencies. This opens the door for the company to have even more access to the rapidly growing crypto betting market, which is thought to constitute as much as 25% of the world’s total betting volume.

Betting handle, gross gaming revenue, and net revenue all increased sequentially in the first quarter, according to Rivalry Co-Founder and CEO Steven Salz, who said that the firm was back on track to expand. Compared to the average levels observed throughout 2023, he said, the record-high net sales margin obtained during the quarter proved the efficiency of their plan. Salz also brought up the fact that Rivalry’s original casino content is becoming more popular, which is leading to new business-to-business income prospects that the firm intends to explore soon.

Exploring Cryptocurrency’s Eco-Gamble

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The explosion of cryptocurrencies in gaming circles is mostly due to their many advantages, but one aspect that is frequently overlooked is their impact on the environment. Sustainable practices are becoming more important for many reasons, especially in the world of Bitcoin casinos, considering concerns about energy consumption.

Given Bitcoin’s status as a popular cryptocurrency, it possesses resilience, making it a favored choice for many who anticipate its lasting value amidst fluctuating markets. The stability of the Bitcoin market, evident from its consistent trading around $38,000, underscores this optimism. Yet, while the economic trajectory of Bitcoin remains uncertain, its sustainability remains a steadfast aspect.

Exploring the environmental footprint of Bitcoin, we have to delve into how Bitcoin casinos and the currency itself contribute to environmental sustainability.

Pursuing Efficiency

A notable facet of Bitcoin casinos is their embrace of energy-efficient blockchain technology. Operating across these platforms, blockchain technology manages crucial data such as financial transactions and user information. However, the expansion of the blockchain network demands substantial energy.

Initially reliant on Proof of Work (POW) for transaction validation, Bitcoin’s energy-intensive system posed challenges due to the vast computational power required by miners to validate transactions. This approach, while functional, was unsustainable given the growing user base and the accompanying demand on miners.

Consequently, Bitcoin casinos pivoted towards more sustainable alternatives like Proof of Stake (POS), markedly reducing energy consumption. POS involves a selected individual validating transactions through staking, using far less computer power compared to the energy-intensive POW model. This shift not only minimizes energy consumption but also enhances transaction speeds, offering a more efficient and sustainable solution.

Moreover, some Bitcoin casinos have initiated carbon offset programs to counter the environmental impact of cryptocurrency transactions. These programs aim to neutralize carbon emissions generated by the casinos’ activities. Investments in projects addressing issues like deforestation and environmental conservation serve to offset the environmental burden created by Bitcoin transactions.

Optimizing Operations

In the operational realm, the adoption of cloud-based systems by online casinos, including Bitcoin casinos, has gained prominence. These systems, characterized by their lower energy requirements and cost-effectiveness, often employ eco-friendly data centers powered by renewable sources like solar energy. This eco-conscious approach not only reduces energy consumption but also ensures seamless gaming experiences for cryptocurrency users.

Additionally, Bitcoin casinos mandate the use of online wallets for transactions, eliminating the need for paper currency typical in traditional casinos. This digital documentation not only reduces paper waste but also contributes to energy conservation by keeping transactions exclusively in the digital domain.

CryptoSlots Launches New Golden Game Version with a $400 Welcome Bonus

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CryptoSlots has been the premier destination for those interested in gambling with cryptocurrencies for huge bets and it is taking those ambitions a step further. They have just lifted the veil on the lavish Golden Game, a slot machine experience that is a real masterpiece and features 24-karat opulence.

With a plethora of bonus features including free spins, double wilds, and huge win multipliers, this game is set to blow up the cryptocurrency gaming market. In addition, until October 31st, new players could take advantage of a limited-time promotional bonus of up to $400 at a popular Bitcoin casino.

Why It Is a Big Deal

The Golden Game is the high-roller’s dream come true, allowing players to place bets as high as a jaw-dropping 5000 coins, equivalent to $500, on each spin. With ten tantalizing paylines that generously payout from both left to right and right to left, your chances of walking away with a hefty prize are as golden as the game itself.

The extravagance does not end there, either. All the standard playing card suits—Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs—are represented in The Golden Game by exquisitely designed symbols that are rendered in glittering gold. Additionally, Scatters, Wilds, and Double Wilds gleam on the gilded reels, delivering a genuinely luxurious gaming experience.

Keeping The Industry in Toes

Slotland Entertainment S.A., the company behind, has been a major participant in the online gambling market for almost two decades. Because of their expertise and concentration on the needs of the players, they can provide players with a fresh approach and excellent support. An unlimited crypto-gaming experience awaits you if you are ready to free yourself from the constraints of regular online casinos.

CryptoSlots simplifies everything by simply accepting cryptocurrency payments, and it accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, USDT, and USDC among others. The casino has a large selection of provably fair slot machines, and new games are added regularly. Plus, while they play other games, players win tokens for the million-dollar Jackpot Trigger slot machine. There is also the possibility that they may get free entries into the monthly $10,000+ Crypto Lotto.

Mega Dice Telegram Casino and Sportsbook: Revolutionizing Online Gambling with Crypto

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As the landscape of online gambling evolves, new players like Mega Dice Telegram Casino and Sportsbook are changing the dynamics of the game. This regulated gaming service, which is only available via the Telegram messaging app and has immediately garnered the interest of both seasoned gamers and newbies, is the only one of its kind.

Mega Dice is more than just a casino app; it’s a full-fledged gambling ecosystem. It has an excellent sportsbook in addition to its already excellent casino options. It is essentially a one-stop shopping destination for gamers since it offers wagering on a diverse selection of athletic events.

Why Telegram

Telegram’s stellar reputation as a crypto-friendly messaging application makes it a perfect home for a gambling site that accepts cryptocurrency as currency. As to why Mega Dice’s presence on Telegram matters, here are a few compelling points:

  • Provably Fair Games: The integration of cryptocurrencies brings provably fair games to the forefront. These games, backed by cryptographic algorithms, ensure transparency and fairness.
  • Payment Gateways and Conversions: Mega Dice enables crypto payments through user-friendly gateways, offering real-time cryptocurrency-to-fiat currency conversions.
  • Secure Wallet Integration: Many players appreciate the convenience of storing and managing their crypto assets directly within the Mega Dice platform, thanks to secure wallet integration.
  • Automatic Conversions: Automatic conversions ensure a stable gaming experience by instantly converting deposits into fiat currency, reducing concerns about cryptocurrency value fluctuations.

Mega Dice’s Advantage

There are a few important reasons why Mega Dice stands out in the online gaming industry, which is now worth about $80 billion. To begin with, it uses cryptocurrency’s inherent decentralized structure to provide a higher level of security. The immutability and transparency of the blockchain’s record of all crypto transactions ensure that all participants can trust the system.

Then, Mega Dice places a premium on player privacy, which is a major plus in the world of online gambling. The platform protects its users’ anonymity by not requiring them to provide personal information upon registration and by not leaving a paper trail of their transactions on conventional bank statements.

Last but not least, Mega Dice makes use of the lightning-fast transaction times and low transaction fees offered by cryptocurrencies. Because they bypass centralized financial institutions, crypto transactions are practically instantaneous, allowing users to make deposits and withdrawals with little delay and at a lower cost. When taken as a whole, these features make Mega Dice a top pick in the competitive online gaming market.


SOFTSWSS Reveals Some Predictions for Crypto Gambling

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New research from SOFTSWISS, a renowned IT supplier for iGaming, has revealed that the crypto-friendly gaming business is still growing impressively. That is, there is still a strong preference for crypto payments among players, despite the setbacks experienced in 2022.

The report’s findings, based on an analysis of data from 700 users of SOFTSWISS’s Game Aggregator and Casino Platform, were astounding. Total bets placed via the provider’s platform climbed by 31% compared to 2021, despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Overall gambling earnings, measured by Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR; the sum of all bets and all payouts, including taxes and fees), increased by 36% year over year.

Impressive Growth Figures for Crypto

One of the most interesting revelations was that although the number of fiat-based initiatives has been growing, the influence of the existing global crypto community is not waning. It is still a priority for iGaming businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments and create new cryptocurrency-centric technologies.

Bitcoin is the most widely-bet digital currency despite a 60% price decrease in 2022, making up an astounding 72.7% of all crypto bets. Ethereum, on the other hand, has seen a 3.7% growth in popularity since 2021, and now accounts for 13.6 percent of all crypto bets. 5.5% of all wagers are placed on Litecoin, which is not far behind.

A total of 20.2 billion Euros was wagered on cryptocurrencies, a reduction of 14.6% compared to 2021. Nevertheless, the decline in crypto bets has been countered by the increase in fiat bets, which accounted for 76% of the total player bets by the end of 2022. This indicates that the growth of fiat bets has more than compensated for the decline in crypto bets.

High Expectations for the Future

SOFTSWISS is confident in the long-term viability of cryptocurrency in the iGaming industry despite the aforementioned swings and hurdles in 2022. Vitali Matsukevich, Chief Operational Officer of SOFTSWISS, claims that crypto’s fast transactions, privacy, and decentralization continue to make it a popular choice among gamers. He is optimistic that the trend toward using cryptocurrency by gamers will continue.

“Despite the fluctuations, crypto has already gained a strong foothold and has become an integral part of the market. For this reason, SOFTSWISS continues to strengthen its partners’ projects, whether fiat or crypto, with new innovative tools and solutions, providing operators with security, reliability, and top-level service.”

Vitali Matsukevich, Chief Operational Officer of SOFTSWISS

The sector as a whole is expanding and diversifying, and stakeholders increasingly gravitating towards digital services and products with crypto leading the pack.