Bitcoin Wallets | Top 10 List

Bitcoin wallets are much like the digital versions of our normal everyday physical wallet, except they hold bitcoins for us securely. Just like their physical counterparts which come in all shapes and sizes, they come in different forms and types too. You can have web wallets that are accessed through a browser, desktop wallets which are installed locally, mobile wallets in the form of apps and also hardware wallets that are considered the safest because they act as cold storage (i.e. they are not connected to the internet so it's unhackable).

There are hundreds of wallets out there and it can be daunting for someone new to the realm of crypto to pick one. This is why we've created a list filled with only the best Bitcoin wallets around. Although it is important to keep in mind that different wallets are better for certain people depending on what they're looking for or where they live. We believe the wallets below are each great in their own aspects whether it's having top security measures to keep your bitcoins safe or just a damn great user interface for the ordinary simple user.

1. Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is our top rated smartcard based hardware wallet due to it's sleek form factor and impressive functionality. Everything including private key generation and backup is completed in an offline manner in the smartcard's secure environment - setup is quick and easy through the Ledger Chrome app. The device generates a random 24-word seed during setup which you write down on the provided piece of paper which can restore your wallet in the case of theft, damage or loss. There is also a pin-lock function so only you can access physically access your funds. The great part about the Ledger Nano S is that it's also compatible with many different wallets and will continue to expand in the future.


TREZOR is another hardware wallet, but it's different to the Ledger because it's classed as a computer rather than a smartcard. Regardless, it still provides the same security and private keys are generated offline with the same backup process. However it does give the option to add an additional phrase to the 24-word seed as an extra security measure so if someone finds your paper backup they still won't be able to access your bitcoin funds. The reason hardware wallets are so great is because your private keys stay offline even when the wallet is attached to your computer unlike if you just used a USB.


This is one of the most popular web wallets with over 17 million users. is great for beginners, often being praised for a good interface and ease of use. With multi-language support, cross-platform capability and mobile versions for both Android and iOS, there's no doubt it's one of the most loved web wallets around. As a bonus, if you ever want to add more funds to your wallet you can easily do this using your credit/debit card within a matter of seconds.

4. Cubits

Cubits is by far one of the safest and best online Bitcoin wallets around who dub their security as "German Engineering at its best". All user funds are thrown into cold storage which means your bitcoins are stored offline and safe from hackers. Funds held within your hot wallets are available at demand because they are Cubit's own company funds which means you are protected 24/7. Better yet, Cubit's cold storage hardware facilities are heavily protected from physical access and funds are additionally protected by multi-signature technology - this means there must be at least two management members who decrypt their seeds and sign before a transaction can process. So if a heavily protected web wallet is your thing, Cubits is a great choice.

5. Exodus

Exodus has slowly paved a way up and established itself as a popular desktop wallet due to its simple yet beautiful graphics and interface. There are personalized features which make it customizable so whether you want to give yourself a dark or lite theme it has you covered. Exodus is purely a platform which displays your funds and so you are in full control of your private keys and transactional data. As a side note, the founders of this app are extremely supportive when it comes to questions from their users so if you have a problem it will definitely be addressed.

6. Coinbase

Coinbase is another popular web wallet, particularly in the US. It is a digital asset exchange company who provide high-security Bitcoin wallets to their users. The platform supports over 30+ countries and offers a variety of payments methods for buying bitcoins. The wallet is incredibly easy to use and they also offer a Multisignature Vault feature which ensures your bitcoins are safe. Their Multisignature Vault allows you to assign different approvers to confirm transactions before it can be processed and there is a 48-hour saftey net in which a request can be cancelled.

7. Jaxx

Built with the focus of ease of use, Jaxx is a desktop wallet which provides a seamless experience and user-friendly interface. This is possible because of the amazing development team behind the project who work at lightning speed to implement fixes and upgrades. The best thing about Jaxx is that you do not have to go through email verifications, or create usernames/passwords to start using it. If you move around a lot you'll be happy to know Jaxx also offers app versions on iOS mobile/tablet and Chrome/Firefox so you can access your wallet anywhere. If simplicity is your main requirement, Jaxx is definitely the right choice.

8. Electrum

Electrum is another desktop wallet which focuses mainly on speed and security. If you're running a lower-end or old computer, this fast and lightweight desktop app will be ideal for you because the processor intensive executions are handled by remote servers. Electrum is also known for its advanced security and privacy features and easy wallet recovery process. Although, we don't recommend you use this if you're making your first wallet as it's not newbie friendly and there are potential security threats with the connection to remote servers.

9. Xapo

Xapo is a Swiss company who offer a perfect web-based wallet for new users who are new to the world of Bitcoin. With a high-tech security and privacy systems you won't have to worry about the saftey of your funds. The Xapo Vault consists of several servers at unknown underground bunker locations with manned security and biometric access. You'll be happy to know the wallet is still extremely fast and there are low transaction fees. A bonus with Xapo is that they offer a debit card system which allows you to use Bitcoin ATMs across the world to withdraw fiat money.

10. Copay

If you're looking for a mobile wallet then Copay is a great choice for new users and experts alike. They provide great interfaces on web, desktop, Android and iOS versions so you can literally access your funds from anywhere with ease. Additionally, Copay is a multisig wallet which means each wallet can assign multiple users which is great for corporate accounts or groups.