Bitcoin Gambling Reviews

If you're looking for the perfect platform to start your Bitcoin gambling journey then there's no better way to start than to read through our comprehensive reviews. The team has years of experience in this industry and are the most reliable source for the best Bitcoin gambling sites on the web.

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Our Ranking Process

Our expert review team performs rigorous testing and a strict review process for every site on the web. Only the best of the best make it onto our recommendations list for each of our gambling categories: sports betting, online casinos, online poker and eSports betting. We constantly revisit sites and check for updates and improvements so reviews may change as well as rankings.

Ranking is carried out on all of our reviewed sites on a frequent basis so you may see sites change positions. Don't be alarmed if you notice that a site you've been playing on has dropped to the bottom as all sites that have been listed on are top rated. If one site overtakes another, think of it as an improvement of that particular site that has gone up a rank rather than the other one becoming bad!

Review and Testing Criteria

Reputation: Each gambling brand is vetted even before we test the platform out. With extensive research and insider information on the company we determine whether it holds a good standing within the operating circle and authorities as well as the general public. If we discover any red flags on the site then it immediately fails our standards and will not be considered for listing on our site.

Security: We put security and safety at the top of our list of things to check. It's an important factor because gambling with the fear of losing money to laundering or having your details hacked is not fun at all - it ruins the experience. We want you to play at ease, not while being paranoid! This is why we make sure each gambling site has at least the bare minimum security technologies such as 128-bit SSL site encryption.

Platform: Have an intuitive and user-friendly platform is a must whether it's a sports betting or casino games platform. We look highly on those which have a good navigation journey and a good layout displaying everything a player needs. Basically if a beginner can find their way through then it's good news.

Bonuses: Bonuses are a huge part of any gambling site and player - it's the equivalent of sales for a shopaholic. The benefits of a good bonus is that you get more value for money and this is important especially when you want to trial a new site. Obviously the longer you get to play, the better the feel you will get for the site to see if it's actually good. We make sure the bonuses on each of our recommended sites are to industry standard and also human-verify each one with all the different deposit options to check they're legit.

Game Variety: Everyone loves an online casino with a huge library of games and a poker room with hundreds of game variants. We always look for sites with a big variety of game selection so that our players never get bored of a platform due to repitition. We also love good themes which spice things up!

Fair Odds: We test and find out whether all the odds are fair and just. We understand that online casinos do have slight odds tipped in their favour but we look down on those that abuse this house advantage and flat out cheat players. These type of sites will never be recommended on but we will blacklist those we believe you should stay clear away from.

Verified Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

As soon as we've determined the website is safe and secure, we register to test the welcome bonus is legit. This is important to us because we want our players to have a seamless experience from registration to playing. No one hates it more than us when you sign up to something and find out an offer is incorrect or false. We can guarantee each offer available on our site is true because we have personally verified each one using every deposit method available.