Responsible Gambling is a strong supporter of responsible gambling and encourage all of our players to gamble within their limits. Gambling is fun, but as with most things too much of it can ruin lives. We are not psychology professionals but we like help in any way we can so here are a few golden rules to prevent picking up bad gambling habits.

  1. Limit Your Funds - set reasonable monthly limits of how much you are going to put aside for gambling. Make sure you have enough for everything else and stick to this amount at all costs.
  2. Don't Chase Losses - stick to the amount that you've set to play with and don't attempt to earn back what you've lost if it means eating into funds outside of your limits. This never ends well!
  3. Gamble On Good Days - when you start letting emotions drive your decisions then likelihood is that you'll end up in a spiral of losses otherwise known as 'tilting'. Basically, play on days when you feel good and avoid the days when you aren't.
  4. Avoid Drink Gambling - don't gamble when you're drinking, this is an obvious tip. People generally make compulsive and bad decisions under the influence of alcohol so avoid this mistake.
  5. Seek Help - gambling problems are nothing to be ashamed of and you should always ask for help if it spins out of control. It's always best to find local professionals but we also have a great selection of free resources below.

Under-aged Gambling

Always ensure you meet the minimum legal age before you start gambling. For US players the minimum age is 18 but it varies from state to state between 18-21 so it's important to consult your local legal professionals to find out more on the matter.

Resources for Gambling Addiction Help