Bitcoin Esports Betting

A few years ago, video games were mostly reserved for children, teenagers and the occasional adults that felt young at heart. Now, these games form a critical portion of the gaming industry that offers exciting and very lucrative betting markets.

This revolutionary gaming activity is a form of a contest where players use video games mostly, multiplayer video games mediated by a combo of human-computer interfaces and where competitors accomplish certain tasks and the overall winners get to win prize money. The betting markets offered here have grown since the emergence of the blockchain technology. Now, Bitcoin esports betting is a huge component of esports activities.

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Esports Betting Site Reviews

With the growth of Bitcoin gaming in general and Bitcoin esports Betting in particular, it is important to have a collection of reviews that highlight some of the best gaming sites. Our reviews are done on the basis of their quality and services. The gaming websites that we have reviewed stand out because they meet a strict criterion that is carefully crafted to separate the top-quality gaming websites from an average portal. The intention here is to introduce our readers to only the best gaming sites.

Our review procedures interrogate important factors such as the variety of esports games available for gamblers to bet on, the speed with which the sites process payout, security of players on the site and overall online customer experience. Luckily, esports is a mature gaming niche with a lot of games. Players, as such, shouldn’t have trouble getting sites that offer a satisfactory diversity of these. That notwithstanding, it is advisable to play only on Bitcoin gaming sites that have been scrutinized by expert eyes such as the ones listed on here that were carefully chosen by our team of experts.

Being an online engagement, security is a very important aspect. Our reviews take a closer look at the security feature each website employs as well as the other essential barrier these Bitcoin esports betting sites have in place to keep their customers safe.

Popular Esports Games

There are quite a number of esports games and a good majority of these have made the headlines. In the Bitcoin esports betting sites, for instance, the notable genres of these games include Real-time Strategy, the League of Legends World Championships, First Person Shooter (FPS), and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). Some notable games from these genres are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

Dota 2 is a free-to-play MOBA developed as a sequel to Defence of the Ancients (DotA) where two teams each having five players, compete to destroy a structure defended by the opposing team. Each of the ten players gets to control any of the over 100 playable characters in the game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an objective based multiplayer FPS where two teams (terrorists) and (counterterrorists) compete to complete objectives such as defusing bombs, securing locations, securing and guarding hostages. At the end of every round, the teams are rewarded according to individual performance.

Gamblers that are looking for Bitcoin esports betting opportunities can place bets on the outcomes of these games. Such gambling activity involves identifying players in these Bitcoin gaming activities and placing a wager that they will win or lose against their competitors.

Bitcoin Esports Betting Bonuses

Bitcoin esports betting sites are not so huge on bonuses. This is probably because the genre originally was not intended as a gambling activity. It, however, is growing steadily and the number of Bitcoin gaming sites offering cashback and other forms of giveaways is growing as well.

Some of the rewards that are available to gamblers that place bets on Bitcoin gaming sites include cashback and free bets. In most instances, the Bitcoin gaming websites reward players that top monthly leaderboards, giving them freebies such as risk-free bets where the said players get full compensations in case their bets don’t amount to something.

Other Bitcoin esports betting sites have taken these offers a notch higher and now offer referral bonuses for customers that invite their friends to join the Bitcoin gaming sites and place bets on the various Bitcoin esports betting markets available.

An increasing number of gaming sites now give away reload bonuses. Such giveaways increase your deposits by a predetermined factor. The most common of these bonuses give 25% of every amount you deposit.

How to Bet on Esports

Gambling markets are expanding and this makes esports betting attractive. Like every gambling activity, you need to master the games you are investing in if you are to get meaningful returns. Most importantly, you need to go the extra mile and investigate the various competitors you will place bets on.

Once you are ready to invest in Bitcoin gaming markets, read through our reviews and pick the sites you think best meet your objectives. Go ahead and sign up for an account on the selected site, follow the guidelines given on the website and deposit Bitcoin into the account from your wallet and once the amount reflects in your account, you are ready to place the bets you want.