Microsoft Store Teams Up with ESL to Open Esports Academy

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Microsoft has hopped on the Esports bandwagon by teaming up with Electronic Sports League (ESL) to launch a sports academy at one of Microsoft’s stores in Sydney, Australia. This initiative gives Sydney based Esports enthusiasts an opportunity to learn about the industry by signing up for the Esports Academy that will run from Monday, April 16 to Sunday, April 22.

The Esports Academy will help students who wish pursue careers in Esports to realize this dream by imparting them knowledge about actual Esports gaming as well as the nitty-gritty details of the business element of Esports. There will be appearances from a number of Esports players from Australia’s thriving Esports scene – they will teach the academy’s students all that they need to know about the Esports ecosystem.

“We see a lot of excitement and engagement around video games at the Microsoft Store, from casual gamers to some of the players that attend our regular tournaments and competitions,” said the Microsoft Store’s Gaming Community Manager, Max Ferfoglia. “This event is all about bringing the gaming community at Microsoft Store together with some of the top talent in Australia so people can learn more about Esports, how to improve their game and also hear about the pathways that exist to get into the industry.”

“We wanted to give the gamers the kind of opportunities we never had when we were trying to go pro.”

Even though it will only run for a week, the Esports Academy will give the participants the required knowledge which is much more important in the competitive electronic gaming scene. The three-hour sessions will include lessons on understanding networking, the various roles available in Esports as well as an open pitching session and a Q&A session. At the end of the session, the attendees will be required to plan a hypothetical tournament to any scale they wish.

This program is, of course, not even close to formalized education but it will go a long way in imparting valuable networking opportunities for the students. Hopefully, since it is a pilot project, it will be successful enough to spawn more similar initiatives in Sydney and many other parts of the globe. Meanwhile, interested Esports lovers in Sydney can sign up here.

Rivalry Academy Launched to Educate Esports Bettors

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Since it was launched earlier this year in February, has proven to be a formidable force in the Esports gambling arena thanks to its holistic approach in offering services that have made it a one-stop-shop for Esports bettors. In addition to this, the operator has a number of new, exciting and engaging developments in the pipeline.

One of these developments is ‘Rivalry Academy,’ the betting platform’s in-house tool that bettors can use to learn and tone their understanding of Esports gambling. This is certainly a noble move for the relatively young company and thus it may be quite helpful to the company’s overall business.

Creating Guidelines for Bettors

The team realized that betting is often intimidating for new and uninitiated – the lengthy spread of odds are sometimes overwhelming and may even be compounded by sub-par bookmarker experience. The team’s solution to this problem was creating their own betting guidelines from scratch.

“It’s terrifying depositing money into something you barely understand. It takes a fair amount of research for non-bettors to be comfortable enough to bet. We created the Rivalry Academy to help with that process. We want to provide clear and concise guidance so that customers are comfortable with betting and how it all works,” Kevin Wimer, Chief Marketing Officer at told Esports Insider.

Just like, the Rival Academy website features a nicely polished user interface as well as a plethora of other user-friendly qualities. This goes directly in line with what the site’s major focus is: to help bettors understand the parameters of betting and help improve their chances of winning.

Navigating as you progress through the various stages of learning is also quite easy as the guides are broken down into neat segments in both written and video formats each of which is accompanied with real examples. This definitely hits the operator’s target of being clear and concise. However, the stand-out traits of the educational offering are brevity and effectiveness – the language used possesses a friendly that gives learners the feeling that they are learning from seasoned bettors who happen to be their close friends.

“We’re esports fans that have created a betting site. We had to learn all of this ourselves not too long ago. This has resulted in the Rivalry Academy being very authentic and conversational,” Wimmer added. “For people brand new to betting, the Rivalry Academy helps to give a basic foundation and understanding of how betting works. We also have a few videos aimed towards people that know their way around but are looking to learn some more advanced techniques to help give them the edge.”

As the Esports betting market and the Esports industry as a whole keep expanding there have been concerns pertaining to betting education. As such, Rivalry has made itself a champion for its customers by serving as a complete bedrock for betting as well as a proactive participant in betting education.

Alaskan Schoolgirl’s Bitcoin Project to Pay for Her College

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Bitcoin has earned a reputation for being what the current generation calls a digital gold mine. However, as much as this claim may be true, it is quite clear that the early adopters of bitcoin stand to benefit most from it. Regardless, it is not too late to get into the trade – this is where relevant and accurate educational efforts come in. Already governments in countries like Thailand have seen the inevitability of bitcoin’s growth in popularity and they are taking steps to provide citizens with correct information regarding the decentralized digital currency that has taken the world by storm.

In 2014, as part of a class project, an Alaskan schoolgirl distributed 30 papers wallets containing bitcoin to her classmates – something that at the time just seemed to be an attempt at wowing her classmates with the wonders of bitcoin. The girl reaped more than just an excellent grade from the science fair project as she also pocketed 3.5 BTC which is currently equivalent to a neat sum of dollar bills.

With the help of her pro-bitcoin parents and some bitcoin donated by members of r/bitcoin, she drew up an information stand that had information about what bitcoin is, how it works as well as how it can be used. This earned her the first place prize at the Interior Alaska Science Fair. As of 2014, bitcoin was equivalent to about $850 which therefore implies that the kids who were smart enough to retain their wallets are now thousands of dollars richer.

The girl’s mother is very proud and regularly provides updates on her daughter’s legacy with the latest one saying: “Little Alaska group of crypto kids talking about decentralized banking, forks, and the current issues with bitcoin now when they hang out. All from this little science project in 2014.”

Bitcoin education is becoming rather important – as important as teaching young people about money and allowing them to develop a sense of financial freedom. The story here may seem like a fairy tale especially because of the high price value of bitcoin at the moment but it is always important to incentivize the next generation to develop an interest in cryptocurrency. It is, after all, the future of currency.