Seattle to Host First-Ever Esports-Dedicated Convention

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It is finally here! All roads lead to Seattle’s GG Expo where Esports champions, enthusiasts, and fans will be coming together for the very first Esports convention in history. Even though the rapidly growing Esports industry has had a number of video game conferences in various parts of the globe, there has never been any major convention where the primary focus is on Esports in a broader sense and not to certain specific video games. This is the void that the organizers of the Seattle convention are seeking to fill.

“There are a lot of shows that cover video games very broadly,” said the GG Expo’s Executive Director, Joe English. “And on the esports sides, there are a lot of tournaments. But where do esports players come together for community building and learning and the experience of esports? That’s where the genesis of the GG Expo came from – bringing the community together and bringing pro players to an event where they can talk about how they become successful.”

Esports has proven to be quite a big deal especially considering the huge market potential it has. Case in point, according to Newzoo, a gaming analyst firm, in 2017 Esports global market hit $660 million with the number of hardcore Esports enthusiasts growing to over 191 million worldwide.

The three day convention will address three of the biggest areas in Esports during each of the three days – the first day will focus on sports games such as NBA 2K and FIFA, the second day will be set aside for Fantasy games like Hearthstone and the third day will be all about battle games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Furthermore, the focus programming will feature player panels on various Esports titles.

The programming will be extended beyond the scheduled focused programming on each day. For instance, the programming for each day will further included panels whose major focus will range from issues such as career opportunities in Esports and associated tech industries. In addition to that, people who attend the conference will be treated to some exciting daily Esports contests and match play.

The guest roster comprises of some pretty big names in Esports. They include players from the Lenovo Silver Snipers, Team Fnatic as well as their team managers, coaches, and even team operations managers.

Tickets for the conference went on sale last Friday. So, if you are interested in attending and partaking in making history or meeting your favorite Esports champions, head over to the GG Expo website and get yourself a ticket.

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