New York Lawmaker Wants Online Poker Bill Passed In June

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After the United States Supreme Court repealed PASPA last Monday and paved the way for the legalization of sports betting in various states, a related concern has arisen and it is now being heavily debated – that is, the future of other skill-heavy forms of gambling such as online poker. While there is no direct correlation between the Supreme Court ruling that struck down PASPA and the legalization of online poker, it is believed that states that push forward with sports betting legislation will eventually lean more towards an all-inclusive gambling legislation rather than sticking to individual types of gambling.

In New York, the push for the legalization of sports betting surges with most recent development being the renewal of calls for the same by New York Assemblyman Gary Pretlow. The lawmaker hopes to have the online poker bill passed by next month. In fact, Pretlow believes that putting the bill on the Assembly floor is the only thing that stands in the way of its passage.

“To get it to the floor is all that’s needed. He [Heastie] is not going to guarantee passage, but get it to the floor and I’ll debate it and get it passed,” Pretlow said.

It will not stop there though. The assemblyman further confirmed that his long-awaited sports bettings bill will follow through next week and despite his current efforts to have online poker legalized he will not be including online poker in the legislation. According to him, every bill he introduces “should stand on its own merit.” As he sees it, such a move would be perceived as a plan to sneak in something else that some people may be opposed to. He, however, agrees that the expectation that a sports betting bill could be passed next month improves the chances for online poker.

“This will be helpful to getting online poker done,” Pretlow commented the sports betting bill. “There are more people interested in pursuing sports betting than pursuing online poker. For whatever reason, people consider online poker to be gambling but don’t consider sports betting to be gambling. I’m going to show them this is all gaming, and all forms of gaming happening are related.”

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Author: Josh Andrews

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