Gamelynx Raises $1.2M for Development of Mobile Esports Game

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Santa Monica-based mobile developer Gamelynx is has announced that it has raised $1.2 million in venture funding. The company intends to use the funds to create more mobile Esports titles that will be primarily tuned to the needs of hardcore gamers. This model is similar to something that Tencent did when it launched Arena of Valor, a multiplayer online battle arena game on mobile. In addition to this, the mobile developer will be creating team-based competitive games on mobile – the idea is to make Esports titles more accessible and global.

Gamelnx’s venture has received a lot of support from investors who include Y Combinator, M Ventures, Riot Games and Skycatcher Fund, Everblue Esports Ventures, Lyfe Fong, Leaf Ventures,, and Lithium. With that huge number of star power backing it, Gamelynx is certainly well on its way to achieving its goal of diversifying the offerings for competitive players.

“As the line between mobile and PC/console continues to blur, the portability and accessibility of mobile create an even brighter future for competitive gaming and esports,” Alexander Mistakidis, CEO of Gamelynx, said in an interview with GamesBeat. “At the same time, it creates a desire for less of the same. Many have tried to build a mobile competitive multiplayer game, but very few have made a game that was differentiated from what was already available to watch or play on PC/console.”

The CEO also pointed out that the company has been leveraging cutting-edge networking technology to enable fast-paced competitive multiplayer gameplay on mobile while maintaining optimal responsiveness and data usage. Gamelynx, which is set to launch its first title by the end of the year, will be merging their technology with applied technology in order to design a new combination of gameplay and watching experience.

The Esports market has bloomed and continues to offer more opportunities with many companies beginning to carve out their own dominance. Still, it is going to be nice to have some fresh entrants with fresh ideas and approaches to the gaming and watching experience.

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Author: Josh Andrews

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