Zeroedge Is Offering Esports Betting With Zero Commission

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The past few years have seen online sports betting grow tremendously which has eventually led it to its current state of being the leading form of online gambling in many parts of the world. Esports, a rather new and interesting niche in the world online sports betting, has also been increasing in popularity over the past decade and sooner than later it might be just as mainstream as the other sports leagues – it is already a close competitor to the leagues.

The Rise of Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly grown on nearly everyone in the online gambling space. However, Esports betting at emerging or established online crypto-powered casinos may not be already as polished as gamblers may desire but in most cases, the pickings are just slim – this is because not many of them are dedicated Esports betting operations.

Zeroedge online casino offers the solution to this problem with its cryptocurrency-based operation that also includes the casino’s own in-house unique cryptocurrency known as ZeroCoin. Zeroedge is one of the few online casinos that are exclusively offering Esports betting opportunities to bettors. To sweeten the deal, the casino further offers an unheard of and an unprecedented zero commission for all the games offered on the site.

Why Is Zeroedge Such a Big Deal?

Well, it is essentially the world’s first online casino that offers two unique advantages to the general online gambling community – the first being the fact that it runs exclusively on a cryptocurrency (ZeroCoin) and the second being that it will be offering a true zero percent house edge to its players. Most casinos usually stack the odds in their favor which makes it very difficult for players to win. Zeroedge, on the other and, does not profit from the losses that its customers incur and instead it benefits from the increased value of ZeroCoin, which is apparently Zero Edge Casino networks’ main economy driver.

Being that the casino offers zero percent edge on casino games, there has been an increase in demand for ZeroCoin which in turn has resulted in an increase in its value. Players are still able to play zero percent games as the price of ZeroCoin rises and they are also not required to pay any fixed amount of money in order to place bets. To achieve this sort of “free” gaming, players are subjected to a closed loop economy where the only requirement is that they buy the casino’s token with fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies and since the supply of ZeroCoin is limited, its value is directly proportional t demand.

This is further facilitated by Blockchain & Smart contract technology which allow for the creation of a fully transparent and truly fair gambling ecosystem where players not only have more opportunities to participate but they are also offered true chances of winning while at the same time being part of a much larger community where social inclusion and mutual values are fostered.

Josh Andrews

Author: Josh Andrews

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