Whales Cut Back as The Sharks Begin to Circle Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has yet again made the news as it always does with last Friday’s heartbreaking 30 percent price drop that saw it lose nearly a quarter of its price after reaching an all-time high last Monday. The 30 percent plunge that occurred in less than 24 hours does not leave a burning hole in anyone’s pocket especially if you have been stocking bitcoin for a long time – however, it is quite disappointing for bitcoin enthusiasts who have been rallying behind mainstream acceptance and real-world use of the decentralized digital currency.

As such, a number of high profile members of the cryptocurrency old guard have started to bail out of with some like Emil Oldenburg opting for spin-off bitcoin cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash which is considered to be better for payment processing, unlike its rigid older counterpart. Other members like Litecoin founder Charlie Lee have been selling rival tokens as a means to supposedly steer away from conflicts of interest in the aggressively partisan crypto market.

Former Fortress Investment Group LLC and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. macro trader Michael Novogratz has shelved plans to launch a cryptocurrency hedge fund for fear of bitcoin extending its plunge to $8,000. Novogratz last week predicted that bitcoin would clock $40,000 in just a few months but his confidence has since diminished due to prevailing market conditions that have compelled him and company to re-evaluate their moves.

Bitcoin plunged to $10,776 before it recovered to $13,480 in New York – the last time it traded below $10,000 was in at the beginning of December after which it went on to double its price in preceding weeks up until the recent disastrous drop. The drop is a trying moment not just for bitcoin but also for the underlying blockchain technology that supports it. Even Coinbase which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges halted operations temporarily due to a significant jump of over 30 percent in the volume bitcoin transactions. Consequently, there were tremendous delays in processing wire transfers and verification of new customers in the past week.

The sharks are beginning to circle here, and the futures markets may give them a venue to strike. Bitcoin’s been heavily driven by retail investors, but there’ll be some aggressive funds looking for the right opportunity to hammer this thing lower. – Ross Norman, Sharps Pixley Ltd. CEO.

Josh Andrews

Author: Josh Andrews

As an avid follower of the crypto world from the beginning since early 2010, Josh has experienced and covered every drop, turn and rise of Bitcoin from the first halving to the countless attempts of regulation. Over the years Josh has developed a keen interest in the different applications and uses of Bitcoin and its current movement within the gambling industry. It's safe to say very few can match Josh's passion for the growth and development of Bitcoin.

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