Unikrn Acquires Esports Tournament Platform ChallengeMe.GG

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Renowned Esports betting operator Unikrn has acquired peer-to-peer Esports platform ChallengeMe.GG as part of its grand plan of launching “full-blown skill-based betting” to its customers. Scheduled to be launched in May, the Esports betting platform will be launched on Unikrn and will allow the customers to enter Esports betting platforms using UnikoinGold, Unikrn’s in-house virtual currency.

The German-based ChallengeMe.GG has been working closely with Unikrn for quite some time now making the acquisition not much of surprise. ChallengeMe.GG’s management team will be retained under Unikrn’s ownership. Also, the company will keep acting as the matchmaking platform that will be linking players of similar skill levels in leagues, tournaments as well as peer-to-peer challenges. Once it is fully integrated into Unikrn’s platform, ChallengeMe.GG will be able to offer buy-in tournaments using UnikoinGold.

The integration will also involve the inclusion of the Dota 2 events in the ChallengeMe platform. In addition to this, the integration will introduce a raffle system whereby players can earn tickets by completing daily, weekly, and monthly draw missions with the players being awarded cash prizes and gifts from sponsors.

“Joining forces with Unikrn was the ideal match for us. Instead of doing our own initial coin offering (ICO), we can take advantage of the best gaming crypto has to offer: UKG’s ecosystem and technology. Combining the brand-power of Unikrn and UnikoinGold with our world-class tournament & matchmaking platform will provide esports enthusiasts from casual to pro a place to enjoy, compete and be rewarded for playing their favorite Esports titles,” said Simon Seefeldt, the ChallengeMe.GG chief executive.

Unikrn’s acquisition of ChallengMe.GG points to a number of great opportunities for both the company and Esports enthusiasts. For instance, Unikrn will now be offering tournament betting across Europe and North America using its blockchain technology.

“Last October, Unikrn launched the first-ever community CS:GO tournament with a crypto (UnikoinGold) prize pool on ChallengeMe.GG CME,” explained Rahul Sood, Unikrn’s founder and chief executive. “Since then, we’ve been running weekly events, ladders, and challenges with our partners at CME. After that success, we immediately began the months-long process of acquiring them. As we got through the legal process of making this happen, we’ve been strategizing on how Unikrn + CME could be even better. How can we bring unprecedented merger of crypto and gaming and give players around the world revolutionary experiences? Now the acquisition is complete.”

“CME’s platform is beyond its competition, and with their technology and Unikrn’s userbase, endemic reach, brand partnerships, and existing product lines — as well as UnikoinGold, the largest token in esports and gaming history — users are about to see a digital casual-competitive landscape well beyond anything to date conceived,” he added.

There are a plethora of features that will be introduced along the way but generally speaking, this development is a truly promising sign for Esports as a whole as well as the role of the business aspects Esports betting and tournament platforms such as Unikrn.

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Author: Josh Andrews

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