Telegram Raises an Initial $850 Million for Its ICO

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According to a document filed with the U.S. Securities Exchange and Exchange Commission (SEC) after being signed by Telegram CEO and co-creator Pavel Durov, Telegram’s billion-dollar initial coin offering (ICO) has already amassed a whopping $850 million in the pre-sale stage. The figure was initially expected to get to about $600 million and was to be raised entirely from venture capital firms. As a result, not only has the company reached and surpassed its first milestone by a significantly huge margin but it has also gained a lot more confidence from the venture capitalists it intended to appeal to.

The document that was filed, a “Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities”, that was filed by Pavel and Nikolai Durov with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February the 13th reported that the $850 million that had been raised under the SEC exemption Rule 506(c) from 81 venture capitalist investors would be for “the development of the TON Blockchain, the development, and maintenance of Telegram Messenger.”

The SEC filing offers a type of securities that is referred to as the “Purchase Agreements for Cryptocurrency” and are filed under the Rule 506(c) exemption. This means that citizens of the United States who invest must be accredited investors, that is, they have to either be worth over a million dollars or have an annual income of about not less than $200,000 in order for the tokens they are investing in not to be registered as securities with the SEC. The investors, in this case, reportedly bought rights to Telegram’s TON internal cryptocurrency known as “Grams” – these will be distributed once the platform is launched next year.

What This Means for the Company

The $850 million raised by the messaging company is the highest amount ever accumulated from a pre-sale – the closest comparisons are from previously completed ICOs by Filecoin and Tezos, which raised $257 million and $232 million respectively. In many ways, this affirms Telegram’s popularity within the crypto community and things are about to get even better as the company plans to use the funds to extend its services to include such offering as VPN solutions, cloud file storage as well as peer-to-peer micropayment transactions.

Considering the huge overshoot of the initial funding, there are a couple of questions that have arisen with regards to how it might affect the proposed public sale that is set to begin in March. However, everything seems to point to the public sale proceeding as planned although it is quite apparent that it might end up being heavily oversubscribed.

CoinPoker to Launch Stage 1 of Its ICO on January 19

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CoinPoker, the growing cryptocurrency-based online poker room that was launched in late 2017, has announced that its Stage I Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be launching on January 19th at 1000 HRS GMT. This stage of the poker room’s ICO will offer 127.5 million CHP tokens for sale at a price of 1 ETH to 4,200 CHP – CHP is the digital currency that CoinPoker uses on its platform. So far, there is a lot of optimism going around especially considering how successful the November 16 to November 22 pre-ICO launch was. CoinPoker sold out a whopping 100 million CHP tokens in six days at a great price of 1 ETH to 6,600 CHP.

As such, the Stage I ICO is attracting a lot of attention and interest from a lot of people with some even submitting whitelist registrations with hopes of hopping on to the early buyers’ list during the January 5 to January 15 open period. This stage of CoinPoker’s ICO will run until January 26 but the time will definitely be extended in case the offering is not fully sold out by then. After that, there are plans for a Stage II ICO where the online poker room will be offering another 137.5 million CHP at a price of 1 ETH to 3,500 CHP. An official date for the Stage II ICO is yet to be announced but once it is completed, CoinPoker will have distributed 375 million CHP tokens which represent 75 percent of its total supply of 500 million CHP token.

As an incentive, CoinPoker will be returning 15 percent of the tokens collected throughout the entire span of the ICO to its community. This will be done through real-money tournaments with one of the closest being scheduled for January 21st and will include a Tesla S worth £71, 000 as the top prize.

Swimming in Success

CoinPoker also launched its real-money games and promotional campaigns shortly after the pre-ICO in November – among them is a freeroll series where the prize will be 5 million CHP tokens. Both the promotions and the real-money games became huge successes with the CoinPoker online poker room already having up to 30,000 unique registrations as well as 20,000 MVP downloads.

The online poker room also now boasts of over 4,000 unique daily players as well as 15,000 CHP token holders. All this is thanks to the experienced CoinPoker staff who have been very diligent about fixing existing bugs and improving the platform’s stability. Community relations have also played a key role in its success as the staff strive to optimize outreach via various social media platforms. Additionally, the site has a very strict security policy that makes it a great place for poker players who are very keen on this aspect. Customers are further allowed to get involved in all this by giving their suggestions and stating their preferences in regards to what the platform should improve on.

Former PokerStars Duo Launch Esports Betting Platform

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Lars Lien and Mike Stevens who are both former PokerStars ambassadors recently joined forces to launch a crypto-based Esports betting platform. The platform which is due to go live any time this year is going to be a Bitcoin-based startup where punters will be allowed to wager on professional Esports events. Furthermore, the platform that has been dubbed, will allow users to make deposits using both in-game items and various cryptocurrencies, something that both Lien and Stevens believe will go a long way in opening up markets that are currently experiencing restrictions as far as payment services are concerned.

While a global roll-out is the ultimate goal of this endeavor, Lien and Stevens are hoping to obtain a license in the Isle of Man for the platform before they begin preparing to extend to other parts of the world. Soon, will be launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the platform is already being aggressively marketed in various parts of the world including Africa. As of now, the two have raised 483.5 Bitcoin form strategic contributors and the ICO they are planning is intended to generate the remaining finances that they require to launch.

The Initial Coin Offering will revolve around the sale of a utility token that will be used on and also traded by accredited investors to hold a ‘profit share’ token that will entitle the holder to about 20% of the company’s annual net income. will be issuing two tokens to its users once it goes live. The first is LuckCash which is a utility token for the platform and the second is LuckProfits which, like we mentioned earlier, gives the holder contractual rights to a share of the company’s net profits.

Lien and Stevens are among many other entrepreneurs who have seen the huge potential in emerging markets such as Esports. There is generally a whole lot to look forward to in this regard, that is, the development of smart contracts will lower transaction costs, and dispel the dependency on traditional bank accounts.

CoinPoker and Crypto: The Future of Online Poker?

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Cryptocurrencies have seen a tremendous growth in general use over the past couple of years – a reality that has faced equal amounts of criticism and acceptance.

Bitcoin, for instance, has reached record highs in terms of its price even though there have been concerns raised about the rogue nature of the cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, CoinPoker, a fairly new cryptocurrency-loving poker site seems to be exploiting this opportunity and it has gone as far as launching a new poker site that is set to revolutionize the casino industry.

The unexpected pre-ICO launch of CoinPoker’s new cryptocurrency-based poker site has already attracted a lot of attention from online poker enthusiasts as well as the cryptocurrency communities.

With a 100 million CHP token hard cap, CoinPoker further offers a 30% bonus with the price of a CHP token standing at 0.05 EUR as of this day (November, 19th 2017).

The online poker platform’s real money gaming features are, however, scheduled to be officially launched at the beginning of January 2018 with added enhancements to eliminate unfair games using the best block chain technology in the market.

As of now, players can enjoy CoinPoker’s free play software that brings back the fun, competitive and transparent poker games that every poker player craves for.

Isabelle Mercier, a renowned member of the poker industry and CoinPoker representative assures players that CoinPoker’s mission is to deliver poker games that can be termed as transparent, trustworthy and, most of all, safe.

But she is not the only big name in the poker industry that is backing CoinPoker’s bold approach towards turning the tides of the poker industry – Legendary poker player, politician, celebrity and entrepreneur Antanas “Tony G” Guoga has stepped up to support the initiative.

On November 12, 2017, Tony G openly declared his approval of the cryptocurrency-based poker platform in a tweet while bashing systems used by many online poker operators currently.

“Poker is my passion. I love this game. But online #poker is sick and some things need 2 be changed there. Blockchain & cryptocurrency could make poker trustworthy again. That’s why I am backing idea #blockchain #cryptocurrency #ico”

CoinPoker aims to provide remedies to many of the problems that have plagued the online poker industry which included transparency and fairness in gaming logic, transaction speeds as well as other issues revolving around the payment services used by most online poker sites.

Equally as important is their global accessibility agenda which intends to utilize blockchains to guarantee the transparency of their Random Number Generators (RNG) and CHP (CHIPS) – which is based on Ethereum – as their in-house gaming currency.

Essentially, this implies a tight fairplay security system and an unbeatable anti-fraud system, both of which are to be implemented on a global scale.

CoinPoker’s pre-ICO should end by the 1st of December after which the remainder of the ICO will be picked up and implemented within the first quarter of next year. More detail on this is available on their website along with an introductory video and an equally detailed white paper.