Rivalry.gg Joins Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)

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Dedicated Esports betting operator Rivalry.gg has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) to become the coalition’s latest member with the goal of ‘supporting the application of best practice across the Esports betting industry’. Rivalry.gg which is a fairly new entrant into the Esports betting business is licensed in the Isle of Man and it will be joining a host of other outstanding ESIC members that include DreamHack, Betway, Sportradar, LVP, ESL, Intel, LVP and UKGC among many others.

The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) was formed in July 2016 so as to clamp down on all forms of cheating in the professional Esports market. ESIC is currently considered to be one of the most reputable Esports regulatory authorities in the world especially due to its unambiguous endeavour to create an unequivocal Esports playing field for all the members of the Esports community.

“ESIC is pleased to welcome another specialist Esports betting operator into membership to extend our suspicious bet alert network and help us detect possible match-fixing as it happens and having a legitimate, licensed operator that supports Esports integrity and our vital education program helps lessen the influence of dodgy operators and betting fraudsters,” noted Ian Smith, the Integrity Commissioner at ESIC.

Rivalry.gg, being quite young in the industry has employed a steady approach towards a conquering the Esports market – they are focusing on original content and pre-match betting at the moment. But, there is definitely so much more to come.

“This is just the beginning for us. Next steps are implementing the minimum requisite of features from a traditional sportsbook perspective, such as live betting, followed by a much deeper offering. We spent the better part of 2017 curating and testing various bespoke feature sets that we believe the community will love and can’t wait to share them with everyone,” Rivalry Co-Founder, Steven Salz confirmed.

Salz also pointed out that while they just recently rolled their service offering, they have been members of the community long enough to notice that members of the Esports market were being frustrated by underage and unregulated betting that was growing rapidly with little to no intervention. He believes that this was partly due to the lack of viable alternatives for gamers as well as the lack of education on the importance of regulation in online gambling. As an ESIC member, Rivalry will be supporting the coalition’s goals by reporting any and all suspicious online betting activity.

“At Rivalry our foremost effort is to provide Esports enthusiasts with a legal, and safe way to bet on competitive play in the games they eat, breathe, and sleep. Our participation in ESIC is a cornerstone piece of this effort. Having a legitimate, licensed operator that supports Esports integrity and our vital education program helps lessen the influence of dodgy operators and betting fraudsters,” Salz added.

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