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Luckbox is the latest Esports betting venture that is upping its game with its very own initial coin offering (ICO). Regardless of the fact that Initial Coin Offerings have always been known to be quite stormy, the chief executive officer of the Isle of Man-based startup, Lars Lien is quite confident that the company will not back down from the token issuance endeavor. Being a pro in the gambling space, and having previously worked as part of PokerStars operational team, Lien definitely has a great deal of experience and expertise that will help steer the startup out of the choppy waters of ICOs.

Initially, Lien intended to persuade the PokerStars management to let the renowned casino operator branch out and provide a dedicated Esports offering but this particular opportunity flew out the window when a new owner came along. The primary cause for the dismissal of Lien’s proposal was, however, the emergence of newer and wider developments that had huge impacts on PokerStars as a whole.

“I wanted to build an Esports platform,” Lien says. “And it just so happens that my experience means I have helped to build something unique.”

His dream came true when he joined forces with Mike Stevens, a fellow PokerStars veteran, to finally realize his goals which also included a desire to recreate something that he refers to as the “Scheinberg ethic” of business. In essence, this implies that the two poker pros platform will strive to offer better services and use practices that rise above what regular sports betting operators have to offer. According to them, the Esports betting community is a totally different demographic and thus what Luckbox offers is intended to cater specifically to that population – Luckbox is, by all means, a social experience that features a variety of goals, unlockable achievements as well as nicely implemented social interaction capabilities.

The Token Effort

Already, there are a couple of Esports-only offerings available in the mainstream market with and Unikrn having the largest stakes – like Luckbox, both of them also have opted for the token route as a means of attracting more players and gaining liquidity. While it is definitely a bold move for Luckbox, the decision comes at a time when the whole ICO market is undergoing some major issues. For instance, bitcoin’s vicious fluctuations have had huge ramifications on token markets especially in cases where bitcoin is the buy-in currency.

As it stands, Luckbox has already drawn a larger number of users to buy into LuckCash, its utility coin, and raised about $1.8 million in bitcoin via a private sale. During the February sale, the startup hopes to double down and raised up to a further $20 million ahead of its much-anticipated product launch by the third quarter of 2018. Luckbox tokens were designed with a variety of great features that will leave most of the existing tokens in the dust.

Josh Andrews

Author: Josh Andrews

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