Ex-Revel Casino Customers Tell What They Want In New Casino

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Atlantic City’s former Revel Casino failed due to a number of reasons after being in operation for just a little over two years – these included huge debts, a relatively over-saturated casino market in the northeastern United States as well as what can only be defined as a fundamental misreading of their main clientele base.

However, the casino is set to be reopened with a different name under the leadership of Colorado developer Bruce Deifik who purchased it from Glenn Straub for over $100 million more than Straub got it for. With Deifik at the helm of this new project, there are a lot of exciting prospects for the Atlantic City casino market especially because there are a lot of expectations pertaining to the new casino. Former Revel casino customers have been quite vocal about what they expect from the new casino, all of which revolved around five key factors:

The Casino’s Accessibility Needs To  Improve

Revel casino’s layout seemed to be quite an issue for the customers. For instance, the giant escalator that ran from the ground floor to the casino level that was expected to be an eye-catching feature turned out to be rather annoying to the customers. Similarly, navigating through the casino itself was a rather daunting task thanks to the interior layout of the casino floor which ebbed and flowed in several different directions.

The Ban on Smoking

While this would normally seem to be a marketing advantage to the general population where smoking is getting less and less prevalent every year, the gambling population does not really reflect the dynamics of the general population. In fact, it is more likely for gamblers to be smokers than it is for the non-gambling population – as such, many of them smoking gamblers felt that the casino which they were patronizing could at least allow them some room to enjoy a smoke or two. However, there is no official word from the new owners in regards to lifting this ban or at least changing it.

The Food in the Restaurants

Revel casino owned a decent number of celebrity restaurants that would draw legions of loyal high profile customers as well as great reviews from the clientele. The buffet, a casino staple, was however not present and customers were quick to point this out hoping that the matter will be handled before the casino reopens.

The customers want more affordable dining options which may even get better if they bring back some of the customer-favorite eateries.

Initially, Revel casino opted not to have a buffet so as to set itself apart from all the other casinos in its attempt to appeal to the luxurious market of high rollers, financial professionals, and luxury tourists. The management soon came to a realization that that particular market was not large enough to sustain the casino resort.


Revel was already a pretty a popular name among concertgoers who were drawn to it by some of its outstanding features such as the layout and acoustics as well as its marquee events which raised the price bars for the market. Many of former Revel casino’s customers hope to see the return of HQ, the outdoor pool, and day-club.

HQ was one of Atlantic City’s most popular entertainment offerings.

Shopping and Rewards

While a considerably large number of customer revealed that they were happy with Revel casino’s retail outlets, an even more significant number of its former customers want to see more generous offers for all player levels.

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